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Your Impact in the 2022-23 School Year

Panthers Family Fund had an incredibly successful school year in 2022-2023, which was also our third year since founding. Thanks to you and your generosity, we were able to give 154 scholarships to children in need and their families in the Ardsley school district, a 33% increase from the prior year. PFF was able to provide scholarships, programs, and resources to those most in need in our Ardsley school community; 

PFF has dispersed over $45,000 in contributions this year, a 24% increase from the prior year, thanks to our sponsors and your donations, to provide children and families access to: 

♡ Oasis Day Camp for 6-8 weeks

♡ Ardsley Little League registration and equipment for Fall, Spring, and Summer 

♡ Broadway Training Center summer workshops 

♡ River Rock Music Summer Camp 

♡ After School Classes at CRS

♡ Gift Cards to buy groceries during the summer (outside of ASD food programs)

♡ Books from the CRS Book Fair

♡ Year long theater arts classes at the Broadway Training Center 

♡ Year long visual arts classes at the at Scribble Art, and at Honest Art

♡ 1-on-1 paid tutoring by AHS students for AMS students in subjects that were challenging

♡ 1-on-1 paid tutoring for CRS student in an emergency situation

♡ Gift Cards to buy gifts and groceries during the Holiday Season

♡ Needed emergency services and items 

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Contact us at if your company would like to be a Sponsor.

Contact us at if you have suggestions how PFF can expand its impact to the Ardsley school community.

More about our work this school year:

In PFF’s third year, your support has meant we could make real change happen for children and families in Ardsley. In comparison to 76 scholarships in our first year, and 116 in 2021-22, this year we have given 154 scholarships, and have given roughly $9,000 more than last year.

  • 154 scholarships for vulnerable children who received different resources throughout this school year

  • $45,000 were provided in scholarships, items, and resources

  • Our expenses this year included the IRS fee of $40 for for filing our taxes as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), and $132 to renew our website domain. We spent $70 to print flyers and a banner for 'Back to School' presentations.

  • 3 children went to Oasis Day Camp this summer, 5 students went to River rock music camps, and 5 went to BTC Summer programs.

  • 10 families were able to choose books from the School Book Fair

  • 22 families received gift cards for groceries during the Holiday Season

  • 19 families received gift cards for groceries for the summer

  • 4 AMS students have received 1-on-1 paid tutoring in a subject that is challenging from an AHS student

  • 4 fundraising events with local businesses were organized

  • We appreciate the support of our generous local businesses and organizations who partnered with us this year. Our achievements would not have been possible without their support.

  • We are still committed to reforming existing norms/systems in the district and in Ardsley and are working with the district to improve.

  • We continue to fight for every child’s right to access educational resources and activities.

  • We have achieved our goals this year thanks to a strong partnership built with our liaisons in CRS and AMS. We thank our amazing liaisons for working with us on the ground to identify needs and award scholarships to deserving students with warmth, 100% confidentiality, precision, and professionalism.

  • We use our influence to catalyze long term change by collaborating and forming impactful plans with our superintendent and the district’s leadership, with the ALL, and with the PTA.

  • None of our achievements would be possible without our supporters. We are very grateful to all of you who have joined us last year or this year and have stayed with us during these unprecedented times. 
    A heartfelt thanks for everything you have done for children and families in Ardsley!

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