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Your Questions Answered:

What is Ardsley Panthers Family Fund (“PFF”)?

Panthers Family Fund Inc. ("PFF") was incorporated in NYS in May 2020 as a not-for-profit corporation. In late July 2020, PFF received formal recognition from the U.S. IRS of its tax exempt status under section a 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. PFF is an all-volunteer organization.

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Why was PFF formed?

PFF was formed by a small group of Ardsley parents who became aware 1.) of the growing number of students in our schools who need financial assistance to participate in basic educational programs/activities at school and 2.) that this was an unmet need in our community. We got together to raise funds to provide scholarships for educational activities/services to Ardsley students who qualify for the free/reduced lunch fee and also to children whose families’ need financial assistance according to United Way’s annual report, data, and guidelines.

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Wait, what about PTA? AEF? Ardsley Panthers Booster Club?

All of these are wonderful not for profit organizations that do great things for our children and our schools however none of them take care of dedicating funds to ongoing financial assistance on a regular basis to our students who need this assistance in order to participate in basic educational activities/programs at school alongside their peers.

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Do other communities have an organization that’s similar to PFF?

Yes! The school districts in Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Scarsdale, and many others in our area, each have an organization that has been active for years to provide financial assistance to their students who need it so as to allow them to participate in various educational, social, and athletic activities in their schools.

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I can donate a small amount. I'm wondering if it'll really make a difference? And where does the money I give to PFF go?

We know you have many good causes to choose from to donate hard earned money. Giving to PFF, a small or a big amount will make a big difference, right here, in our community. A hundred percent of proceeds go to provide scholarships for participating in educational activities/programs to deserving Ardsley students who need financial assistance to participate in school life alongside their peers

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How does PFF set its fundraising goals?

PFF works with liaisons who are professional staff at CRS and AMS to get the details on educational activities/programs, costs, and estimated numbers of children who may need a PFF scholarship to participate in these activities/programs.

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How are the scholarships awarded?

All proceeds obtained by PFF go to Ardsley students. We work with our schools’ professional staff and rely on their experience and knowledge with regard to families who need financial help to participate in certain activities/ programs at school.
Our liaisons at the schools also award the scholarships to those deserving students who need them and may benefit from them the most. The scholarships are awarded in a dignified, confidential, discreet way. Students' and families' identities are kept confidential and are unknown to PFF.

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What kind of scholarships does PFF provide to students?

Please visit our Impact Report for details about scholarships that have been awarded this year to students thanks to the generosity of our donors.

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What expenses does PFF have each year?

PFF is an all-volunteer organization with minimal expenses. The volunteer board members are responsible for the work we do. We work extremely hard to keep our expenses to a minimum.

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Can’t I make a contribution directly to the school?

You can probably do that, but we believe that pooling donations from many of us will get us better results for the needs of our students and our schools. We also believe that working together for this purpose reflects the kind of community we aspire to be

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I'd like to support PFF. How can I help?

Thank you for your support. Please click here to give a tax-deductible donation to PFF.

Please click here to contact us if you would like to help PFF by donating your time, talent, or energy towards achieving our goals.

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